Commissioner Ralph Raymond
(516) 624-6100

The Department of General Services provides a variety of essential services to all Town departments. The Commissioner is the chief administrative officer of the department with the responsibility for overseeing all departmental operations. The Commissioner also serves as the property officer for the Town, accountable for the inventory of all fixed assets and property.

The Department of General Services is responsible for the maintenance and security of all Town buildings and property and for communications, printing and purchasing of services, supplies and equipment. The department also oversees the operation of the Oyster Bay Community Center.

The Oyster Bay Community Center, which is available, free of charge, to non-profit community and youth groups, is under the auspices of this department. To reserve a meeting room, call (516) 624-6100.

Building Maintenance Division

The Building Maintenance Division is responsible for all building services, including, but not limited to, general maintenance and repair of Town structures. The maintenance of two historic sites, the Earle-Wightman House and Raynham Hall Museum, both in Oyster Bay Hamlet, falls under the auspices of this division.

Communications Division

The Communications Division is responsible for managing and maintaining all telephone services for the Town. Working with service providers, the Communications Supervisor reviews and audits all billing, purchases and leases, arranges for the installation of new equipment and coordinates repairs of the system. Additionally, the collection and distribution of all Town mail are handled by this division.

Printing Division

All printed material required for inter- and intra-departmental use is prepared by the Printing Division. Printed material for distribution to the residents of the Town, such as flyers and brochures, is also prepared by this division.

Purchasing Division

The procurement of services, supplies and equipment required for the operation of Town departments is provided through the publication of bid proposals prepared by the Purchasing Division.