The Town Board is the legislative body of the Town of Oyster Bay. Comprising the Supervisor and six Council members, the Board has the final responsibility for all matters pertaining to the operation of the Town, exclusive of incorporated villages. It exercises this authority in the form of local laws, ordinances and resolutions.


The Supervisor and the Council members are elected on a Town-wide basis. The Supervisor serves a two-year term. The Council members are elected to four-year terms, which expire in such a way that on any given election day, no more than three full councilmanic terms of office will be decided. In the event the Supervisor or a Council member leaves office prior to completion of a full term, the Town Board appoints a replacement. That person serves until the next regularly scheduled term. There is no limit to the number of terms the Supervisor or Council members may serve.

Town Board Meetings

The Oyster Bay Town Board conducts regularly scheduled public meetings on matters related to zoning, budget and public safety. CLICK HERE to view the Town Board Meeting Schedule.

Town Board Biographies And Contact Information

This section offers background information on the seven members of the Town Board.

Public Information Office

The Public Information Office, a division of the Town Board, is the Town’s press office. Its function is to inform Town residents about the availability of Town services and programs through news releases, brochures, pamphlets, direct mailings, radio, television and publication of the Town Calendar. The Public Information Office also designed and maintains the Town’s website.

Media Contacts
The Public Information Office services approximately 18 weekly newspapers, three daily newspapers and all radio and television stations that include Oyster Bay in their broadcast area, as well as Long Island trade journals, periodicals and national media.

Pamphlets and Brochures
Pamphlets and brochures, which are free and are available at all Town Hall facilities, furnish residents with information about their elected officials, as well as Town programs and municipal services that are provided to them as taxpayers. CLICK HERE for full list of pamphlets and brochures.

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