Town Clerk Richard LaMarca
(516) 624-6333- Town Hall North
(516) 797-7961- Town Hall South

The Town Clerk’s Office is responsible for maintaining all Town records and recording vital statistics. The office also issues licenses and permits including shellfish, peddlers, parking, secondhand dealers, waste removal, hunting, fishing and dog, as well as birth certificates, marriage licenses and death transcripts. Passports can also be applied for through this office.

The Town Clerk is elected every two years and has the task of maintaining all Town records and recording vital statistics. The Town Clerk’s Office operates two full-time offices, which are open from 9 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. weekdays. These offices ensure that the services your Town offers are only a few minutes away from your doorstep – no matter where in the town you live.

Residential Licensing

Licensing information on Bingo, Dogs, Games of Chance, Hunting or Fishing, Parking Permits, Passports, Shellfishing, and Senior Citizen Beach Permits.

Commercial Licensing

Licensing information on Going Out of Business Sales, Junk Dealers, Landscaping, Peddling or Soliciting, Second Hand Dealers, Taxicabs, Limousines, Tow Cars, and Waste Removal.


Information on obtaining Birth Certificates, Death Records, Marriage Licenses, Genealogy.

Freedom Of Information Law (FOIL)

Information on how to access public documents.

Filming in The Town of Oyster Bay

Information on obtaining permits for film productions and commercial photography in The Town of Oyster Bay.


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Office Of The Town Clerk Information

Information about The Office of the Town Clerk locations, important phone numbers and extended hours.

Office Of The Town Clerk Responsibilities

Information about The Office of the Town Clerk and the many different duties and responsibilities that are contained in New York State Town Law as well as in Local Law and other statutes.

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