Town Comptroller Steven C. Ballas
(516) 624-6440

The Comptroller is the chief accounting officer for the Town and serves as fiscal advisor to the Town Board. The Comptroller is responsible for the fiscal management of the Town and oversees spending in accordance with the adopted budgets of the Town and some special districts.

All financial transactions, including the management and audit of accounting matters for all Town departments, are handled by the Comptroller. Among these tasks are preparation of the payroll, generation of detailed financial reports as required by the State and Federal governments, and review and payment of all financial claims.

Financial Records

Oyster Bay’s financial records are computerized and are maintained by the Town’s own computer under the jurisdiction of the Information Technology Division. All Town departments have taken advantage of computer technology, and, under the Comptroller’s guidance, the Town is continually expanding the use of its computer system to perform a variety of functions with the goal of better serving the public.

Revenue by Source